Muazzam Ali Hospital

New Muazzam Ali Shaheed Hospital

The New Muazzam Ali Shaheed Hospital is Now Open

lady_doc_imgThe Captain Muazzam Ali Shaheed Memorial Hospital was started in a rented building, with a capacity of 13 beds on 6th of November 1998. With the full dedication of hospital staff and management, in a short period of time the hospital made its name among the poor and deprived people of Jhelum district. The hospital runs a 24 hour service, providing free surgical medical care to the poor and destitute and treatment at concessional rates forĀ  those on low incomes. Between the 6th of November 1998 and March 2012, Rs. 9,550,609 has been spent on the treatment of the poor. In the same period, the hospital has catered for 12,880 indoor patients and 91,173 outdoor patients.

Aerial View of MAH

The hospital is fully equipped according to the resources available, possessing a range of medical equipment. Consultants and specialist doctors, experienced medical officers and nursing staff look after the patients round the clock.
This service is 100% free for those who are eligible to get Zakat. Rates for those who are well off are as low as those of the famous Edhi ambulance service. We currently have two ambulances that serve poor and needy patients free of charge. These ambulances are also used as freeĀ  transportation of dead bodies to and from anywhere within the municipal limits.

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